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The Bookman is Sam Draper. An English teacher and book lover who loves to browse bookshops and find the perfect reading experience for friends and families. He dreamt of the perfect job that allowed him to read all day and share his love of reading with anyone he could. 


“I love books. And I love giving books. The opportunity to search bookshops for that special gift for someone is a magical experience. Knowing that you will give them a wondrous few hours from front to back cover in a world of their choosing. From classics to children’s literature, from modern masterpieces to page-turning holiday reads, I love all books and want to help people find that special read just for them.”


And so, The Bookman was created. A specialised service for fellow book lovers looking for the next reading moment.


Fast forward 3 years and we have small but growing client base in the UK and the US. The London Bookman experience starts off with a 1:1 consultation where we explore likes and dislikes through questions such as “do you like neat endings, or are you happy with a story being unresolved” and “how much magical whimsy can you cope with?” – it’s these sorts of questions that really help me hone what genres they already like and others they may be willing to explore.

We’ve had all sorts of people to buy books for over the last few years – from high court judges and members of the royal household through to footballers and four-year olds! Individuals, book groups, boutique hotels, and private libraries - we curate books for anyone - just ask! Feed your read!

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