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The Bookman Bundle is a monthly subscription of six individually chosen books - sourced from independent bookshops, wrapped with love, and sent through the post.


Each Bundle includes 6 books (one a month), a Bookman Consultation to find out the reader’s likes and dislikes, free shipping, and the rest is reading pleasure.


No bookish snobbery is required, The Bookman Bundle is unique because each Bundle is different for each reader. This bespoke curation is what makes The Bookman special.


The perfect Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary gift. You can give the monthly gift of reading wonder to those you love. Just ask The Bookman if you want a voucher, or just want to start with the books.


Life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy - so ask for your Bookman Bundle and start the reading pleasure.

The Bookman Monthly Book Bundle (6)

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